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Adjustable Wall Mounted Light

Adjustable Wall Mounted Light


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BDOT  Wall Mounted Cube Light is a square shaped LED light. This is most loved for it’s adjustable nature in shape and design. This wall mounted light can be used indoor and outdoor as well. Made from high quality die cast aluminium body, this is a must have for every house. BDOT Wall Mounted Square light offers 6 watts of power, durability and IP64 waterproof body. With this light, feel free to adjust beam angle according to your need.

There are 8 different combinations for Square light to choose from. It can be easily mounted on wall with standard kit included in the box. After installation, you can adjust the shifting boards inside to set desirable beam angle. Maximum beam angle is 100 degrees. BDOT Wall Mounted Light is ideal to place in dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, outdoor setups like parking lots, alleys etc.

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