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Corridor Wall Lights Sconce

Corridor Wall Lights Sconce


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Are you interested in more minimalist designs nowadays? Well, we have the perfect fit for your interests. This Corridor Wall Sconce screams sophistication and minimalism because of its unique, one-of-a-kind design. It offers a very beautiful look that you can add to any room and serves as an amazing light source. The Corridor Wall Sconce features a sword-like shape and is in a matte black shade, which makes it look highly modern. You’ll love having this lamp if you are a fan of soft glows rather than glaring lights.

The Corridor Wall Sconce is just as good for commercial use as it is for home decoration. If you want to decorate your retail store or a restaurant, you cannot go wrong with this lamp. It will allow you to make your place look super chic and just plain amazing.

● Contains a built-in LED light source.
● Can be used in residential or commercial settings.
● Highly energy efficient.
● Is made out of aluminum and acrylic.

● Height: 2 Feet
● Power: 12W
● Voltage: AC85-265V
● Light Source: LED Light
● Mounted Method: Surface Mounted
● Color temperature: Warm

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