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Floating Tungsten Bulb

Floating Tungsten Bulb


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A Floating Tungsten Bulb is a type of light bulb that is designed to float in the air without any physical support. It uses the principles of magnetic levitation to stay suspended in mid-air, giving it a unique and futuristic appearance.
The levitating bulb consists of two main parts: a base and a bulb. The base contains powerful magnets and an electromagnet that generates an electromagnetic field. The bulb, on the other hand, contains a magnet and a wire that connects it to the power source.


-ABS base size: diameter 150mm, height 30mm
-Light bulb diameter: 110 mm
-Light color: warm white
-Levitation gap: 12-15mm
-AC Adaptor: DC Output 12V, 1000m

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